Dance Plus 3 Winner

Dance Plus 3 Winner –  Bir Radhe Sherpa

Dance Plus 3 Winner – Bir Radhe Sherpa

Dance Plus 3 Winner Name Grand Finale 2017, Dance Plus 3 Grand Finale Winner Name : – Remo D’Souza’s Dance Plus Season 3 all set for the Grand Finale where Top 4 Finalists Bir Radha Sherpa, Tarun-Shivani, Amardeep Singh and Aryan Patra compete with each other to win the Dance +3 Title. See Who lifted the Winning Trophy of Dance Plus 3 on Star Plus show. Also See who are the Runner Up contestants on the Show. Dance Plus 3 Winner revealed here.

Team Dharmesh has the 3 Contestants in his team who are in Finale. Team Punit has One Contestant Bir Radha Sherpa in Finale and Shakti hasn’t any Contestant in Finale. 1 Duo Dancer Tarun Nihalani-Shivani Patel and 3 Solo Dancers Bir Radha Sherpa, Amardeep Singh and Aryan Patra going to rock the Dance floor and will gain Public votes to Win the Trophy in Dance Plus 3 Finale.

See The Names of Dance +3 Finalists Contestants and Runner Up Contestants on Grand Finale.

Amardeep Singh


Aryan Patra


Bir Radha Sherpa