Bigg Boss Season 11 Host – The Salman Khan

By | August 31, 2017

Here is good news for the most controversial reality TV show fans; Salman Khan is back as a host of Bigg Boss Season 11, colors TV CEO, Raj Nayak confirmed this on twitter.

From last 5 years, Salman Khan is hosting consecutive Bigg Boss seasons. He has exceptional style and fair judgment sense which is loved by viewers all across the world. Apart from hosting opening and closing episodes, Salman comes with “Salman ka Vaar” episodes on weekend. In weekend episodes, he gives his opinions and views, based on what has happened in the complete week & what Bigg Boss viewers want from the contestants inside the house. He also entertains lot of high profile celebrity guests who came to promote their own movies or shows.

With his exceptional talent of making discussions humorous & entertaining along with his popularity, the show gets highest TRPs on Saturday & Sunday.

Earlier, Salman was supposed to do Das ka Dum along with Bigg Boss but due to Salman’s upcoming movie (which is supposed to release around Christmas 2017), Das ka Dum producers decided to move their show dates to January 2018. Dus Ka Dum is a quiz show which he hosted in 2008 and 2009. With this show Sony channel regained 3rd position in Indian Television ratings at that time. Das ka Dum was the 1st show which Salman Khan hosted on TV.

According to the reports, Sony Television head decided to compromise and will start the show in early January with Salman replacing The Kapil Sharma Show.

Out of past 10 seasons, Salman Khan has hosted 6 of them and this will be hiss 7th season. He is rated as the best host among all who have hosted the show in the past. Here is list of all the celebrities who had hosted Bigg Boss.

• Season 1 – Arshad Warsi
• Season 2 – Shilpa Shetty
• Season 3 – Amitabh Bachchan
• Season 4 – Salman Khan
• Season 5 – Sanjay Dutt
• Season 6 – Salman Khan
• Season 7 – Salman Khan
• Season 8 – Salman Khan / Halla Bol – Farah Khan
• Season 9 – Salman Khan
• Season 10 – Salman Khan
• Season 11 – Salman Khan

Bigg Boss Season 11 will definitely be remarkable as we will see Salman Khan in a more entertaining & humorous avatar.

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