Bigg Boss Season 11 Concept – Celebrities and Commoners

By | September 1, 2017

As we all know, every year Colors TV presents Bigg Boss with a unique concept weather we talk about the double trouble, aircraft or angle and demon concept. Every concept comes with one level up entertainment.

Last year Colors TV tried a very unique concept of mixing celebrities and Aam Aadmi together. CEO of Colors TV, Raj Nayak was trying to implement this theme from last 3 – 4 year but colors team and sponsors does not have much faith in the concept and theme was not applied earlier.

But last year in Bigg Boss Season 10, Colors TV took a chance and invited commoner to lock in the house with celebrities where both are divided in a category of Celebrities vs. Indiawale. Infact, the tagline for the season 10 is also based on India wale “Bigg Boss Season 10 – Indiawalon Isse Apna Hi Ghar Samjho”. The concept was amazingly successful and helped gain Colors TV high TRPs as well.

Bigg Boss Season 10 started with seven celebrities and eight commoners and the tough fight between both entertained viewers very well. But the season more likely known for the Indiawale as Manveer Gujar, a commoner won the show over the celebrity finalist Bani J.

Bigg Boss 10 will always be remembered for the unique clash so Colors TV and Endemol is coming again with the same concept of commoners in Bigg Boss Season 11 also.

To enter in the house in Bigg Boss Season 11, Commoners are required to register themselves on with an interesting video describing them in a unique and entertaining style. After selection of video, there will be one audition round to check the caliber and capability of candidates.

Registration for the Bigg Boss 11 is ended on Aug 8. Contestants list have not been confirmed yet. As soon the list is confirmed, we will update. Stay tuned.

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