Bigg Boss Season 11- 2nd Promo Out

By | September 4, 2017

Everyone is eagerly waiting for Bigg Boss Season 11 to start ASAP. As the first teasor was out, people got seamlessly excited for the secrets hidden behind new neighbor theme and started guessing about it.

Promo 1 was a big hit as Salman Khan added his super heroic flavor to it and given a musical punch line hint to the viewers about the season “Padosi Aayenge Bajane Sabke Barah, Aa Gaya Hai Season Gayarah”. First Promo of Bigg Boss Season 11 was released on Aug 19, 2017.

After two week, Colors TV launched 2nd promo hinting more about the new season twists. Salman Khan is looking Super hot in the second promo and done extremely well.

2nd promos seem really interesting, as Salman Khan coming out from the house and his neighbors kept a strict eye on his day to day activities and poking him regarding the same. Salman Khan added his stupendously fantastical humor to the promo and made it very smoky for the viewers.

After watching the 2nd teaser, people started guessing about the season’s theme and sharing their assumptions continuously on social networking sites. According to the hidden sources, show theme based on commoners as padosi and celebrities as housemates. There can be two houses from where both can keep an eye on each other and share their views with Salman Khan on “Weekend Ka Vaar”.

After the release of 2nd promo, show got much hype about the new theme. Lets see what will actually happen in Bigg Boss Season 11.

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