Bigg Boss 12 Finale

By | December 30, 2018
Bigg Boss Season 12 is no different and successfully creating buzz all around. This season is also started with the same concept of commoners and celebrities with an interesting twist. Celebrities entered the house in a same way as they used to do it whereas commoners entered the house in jodi’s. Means two different people with different opinions have to do all things together that’s why Bigg Boss 12 is tagline as Vichitra Jodis. Like previous 9 seasons, Bollywood industry super star, Salman Khan hosted the season. Starting weeks of Bigg Boss 12 were bit low but somehow season managed to grab the top TRPs. Salman Khan pushed the contestant hard to perform and give their best to entertain the people outside the house. Bigg Boss is everyone’s all time favourite. Fans go crazy when season starts and keep on voting till their favourite contestant come out with the winning trophy. Bigg Boss Season 12 has seen many ups and down like ugly fights, emotional breakdowns, drama, romance, friendships, relationships etc. After all this, Bigg Boss Season 12 reached to its finale week where every contestant is giving their best to hold the winner trophy.

Here is the Bigg Boss 12 Contestant list that entered the Bigg Boss house:

Contestant Entry Exit Early Career Jodi or Single
Karanvir Bohra Day 1 Still In the Game Actor Single
Saurabh Patel Day 1 Day 35 Farmer & Inspiring Actor Jodi
Shivashish Mishra Day 1 Day 62 Businessman & Inspiring Actor
Dipika Kakar Day 1 Still In the Game Actress Single
Romil Chaudhary Day 1 Still In the Game Lawyer Jodi
Nirmal Singh Day 1 Day 14 Policeman
Neha Pendse Day 1 Day 28 Actress Single
Anup Jalota Day 1 Day 42 Singer Jodi
Jasleen Matharu Day 1 Day 83 Singer
Srishty Rode Day 1 Day 70 Actress Single
Somi Khan Day 1 Day 98 Sales manager Jodi
Saba Khan Day 1 Day 42 Front office manager
Deepak Thakur Day 1 Still In the Game Singer Jodi
Urvashi Vani Day 1 Day 49 Unknown
Kriti Verma Day 1 Day 13 GST Inspector. Jodi
Roshmi Banik Day 1 Day 13 Businesswomen
Sree Santh Day 1 Still In the Game Former Indian cricketer Single
Surbhi Rana Day 15 Still In the Game Dentist Jodi
Megha Dhade Day 36 Day 83 Actress Single
Rohit Suchanti Day 35 Day 91 Actor Single
Six contestants are still in the winning league, Karanvir, Dipika, Sree Santh, Romil, Surbhi and Deepak. All are performing hard to entertain the Bigg Boss audience to grab maximum number of votes. Many interesting tasks have played inside the bigg boss house every week and contestant involved with their full spirit to complete the tasks and entertain the audience. After this full entertainment packed 3 month, show reaches to its finale. Last week of the season is very interesting as many bigg boss ex contestants came in the house with different interesting task. First task of the house is BB Hotel, where many bigg boss ex-contestants like Hina Khan, Juhi Parmar, Gauhar Khan, Jasmine and Neil Bhatt came in and asked for their wishes which housemates have to complete and after calculating everyone’s performance guests will give them a star and give them a chance to vote appeal from the audience. Every housemate performed very well and grabbed the chance where Romil and Deepak got this chance twice. After this, there was mid-week eviction where Surbhi got the least votes from all and was eliminated. Then there was one more task for the show final prize money. Bigg Boss gave all the housemate chance to make the shows prize money 50 lakhs again. Earlier it was 44 lakhs due to earlier task. For this task Gautam Gulati, Kamya Punjabi, Priyank entered the bigg boss house with a task where housemates have to compete with guests buy filling more water in their tanks and housemates made it win the task and make their prize money 50 lakhs again. After this task, Bigg Boss came with another press conference where Vikas Verma, Jai Bhanushali and Shweta came in the house and grilled the contestants. The Bigg Boss 12 finale is all set this Sunday on 30th December. Before the finale, contestants have one more emotional moment left in the house is their Bigg Boss 12 journey. Tonight all top 5 contestants will get a chance to see themselves in the Bigg Boss house and see their performances and all emotional moments. All performances are ready to entertain people. Sunday will be a big day for all contestants and everyone is wishing to hold the trophy and win the 50 lakhs prize money. Viewers are eagerly waiting for their favourite one to win the show. Predictions are Shree will be the winner and Dipika will the runner up but it totally depends on viewers voting. Let’s see who will be the winner of Bigg Boss 12 winner.

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