Bigg Boss 11 First and Second Contestant – Halima Matlub & Harsh Beniwal

By | September 20, 2017

Bigg Boss producers are not leaving any opportunity to create hype round the corner. To boost audience engagement, Bigg Boss introduced a fun contest where fans need to guess the first two Bigg Boss contestants who have their face hidden and winners will get a chance to become the live audience in the premiere episode.

Two days back, Bigg Boss posted a picture on their twitter account regarding their 1st contestant. Bigg Boss makers have asked general audience to guess the celebrity name and you will get to watch Bigg Boss 11 Live episode from their set.

Two pics were posted in two consecutive days:

Bigg Boss 11First and Second Contestant Contestant

Bigg Boss makers posted first picture of a girl’s with her face covered with dupatta as a first contestant who will enter the house. Bigg Boss captioned the first contestant picture as “Dekhiye Bigg Boss 11 ka live episode from the set! All you have to do is to guess the name of this gorgeous contestant”

Bigg Boss posted another picture where a guy covering his face and captioned the picture as “Ek aisa padosi jo behlaayega sab ka mann. Guess karo aur jeeto mauka Bigg Boss 11 live dekhne ka.”

Bigg Boss 11 First Contestant – Halima Matlub

Bigg Boss 11 Second Contestant – Harsh Beniwal

Lot of people guessed about the contestants. It is expected that 1st contestant is Turkish Model Halima Matlub and 2nd contestant is youtuber Harsh Beniwal. Fans are giving their replies on twitter by using hash tag #BBGuessList. The reward is pretty big as winner will be able to watch Bigg Boss 11 live from their sets.

Based on the overwhelmed response received by Bigg Boss makers, a new tweet has been posted on twitter which states that “We’re loving the enthusiasm par jo dikhta hai woh hota nahi, aur jo hota a hai woh dikhta nahi.”
Let see what happen next.

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